The Hat Family

When attending a Dreadnaught football game there is a great deal of pageantry associated with Friday nights at Bryant Stadium. From the full escort of city police and fire department to the helmet cart, battleship, and the runway to victory, it is truly what prep football is all about. What makes Friday nights even more special are the fans that participate. From the bull horns, air horns, student section and more, it makes playing at home not only special but an advantage.

The Dreadnaught Hat sails on the head of Andy Mastalski.

There is even a fan that has a Dreadnaught (battleship) on his head. That’s right a Dreadnaught ship. Andy (Ski) and Angela Mastalski are just as much apart of the school’s tradition as winning is. Andy is from Pennsylvania and a twenty year veteran of the United States Air Force. Angela is from a small town northeast of Oxford, England. Both made their home here in Lakeland sometime in the 60’s .

The very first Dreadnaught hat was made from foam rubber by Ski in 1985. A year later the Dreadnaughts would go on to win State. He’s been wearing his hat to the games ever since. His wife, Angela, also has a Dreadnaught hat and sometimes wears it to the games. They are both considered to be among the biggest Dreadnaught fans around. Apparently there are more than just two of these hats around. Over the years, they have made about 10 hats, maybe more. He now makes the Dreadnaught hats from plastic canvas, balsa wood and rope lighting that use 2 ‘D’ batteries. All hats are made by Ski and Angela with Ski cutting out the material and marking the lettering. Angela sews the knitting wool on to the hat to finish the product. “Who can keep count on how many we’ve made when it comes to Dreadnaught fans,” says Ski. One other hat was made special for the longest active Florida teacher, Hazel Haley. The hat was named, “Ms. Dreadnaught!” They love their Dreadnaught football and cannot remember the last time they missed a game. You can also catch Ski and Angela at other LHS events, such as baseball, basketball, wrestling, soccer, and any other event that Lakeland High School is a part.