Runway To Victory

For the past ten plus years Major McCoy and his Lakeland High School Army JROTC cadets have been forming the ” Runway to Victory ” to lead the Dreadnaughts onto Bryant Stadium. The Runway has become a part of Lakeland High School’s tradition as much as winning has. It brings a special feeling to the players when 

the student body joins in and sends them off to battle. “It gets me so pumped up,” C/O 2006 QB #13 Billy L. says, “When you come out of the tunnel and see all of the fans in the stadium, there is just no feeling like it.”

Each year Major McCoy adds a little something better to the “Runway”. At first it only consisted of pvc pipe and stringers. That was over ten years ago. Now before the Dreadnaughts take the field you see a tunnel with orange lights lining each side, streamers, balloons, strobe lights, and to top it off is a curtain with a lighted football attached. “It definitely adds to the pageantry of LHS football.”  Retired Coach Frank Webster says, “It just wouldn’t be the same without the Runway to Victory” Click here for more information on Lakeland High School’s JROTC