Barrett Creative Designs Lakeland Football Website

At Barrett Creative, we’re passionate about high school football and we certainly love the Dreadnaughts. As a kid, I grew up under the Friday night lights as a ball boy. The atmosphere was electric, the passion of the team was addicting and watching these boys transform to men was life changing.

We also have a passion for giving back. Or work had taken us all over the word creating documentaries about families that live in trash dump communities in Cambodia and Honduras to malnutrition centers in Guatemala. Through these short films, we were able to help raise millions of dollars to build schools, homes and a better future for the least among us.

Back home, we have it a little better but we also realize there are many among us who need a little hope, need a little encouragement and need something to belong to. Football is a family. Win or lose, you are by the side of your teammate for years. For some, it’s a great addition to a great life. For others, it’s the only family they’ll ever know. It has the potential to help further a great athlete’s career and it also has the potential to get a kid out off the street life to a future where his greatness will be fulfilled.

At Barrett Creative, we’re a Lakeland Website Design company who strives to create beautifully designed websites with an unmatched user experience. For Lakeland High School Football, our goal was to continually develop a website that not only makes the fans proud, but one that gives the players a tremendous sense of pride about themselves.

By giving to the team through the website and through the videos we create, we also want to lead by example and show these kids what a lifestyle of giving looks like. If everyone was able to use their gifts and talents, marry it with their passion and give a little back, we would make the world a much better place.

Michael G. Barrett
Barrett Creative