This Year’s Offensive Line – 2013

by Kevin Farkas
Offensive Line Coach

Beginning my first year as the Dreadnaught offensive line coach I could not be more excited about the group of exceptional young men that I have to work with.   The 2013 Dreadnaught offensive line will be anchored by two returning starters.  The first is Right Guard # 52 Deveonte Mackey, who is entering his third season on the starting unit.  Look for Mackey to use his experience up front to confirm all line calls and his athleticism to lead block on many plays all over the gridiron.  Along with Mackey the OL’s other returning starter is Left Tackle #76 Kevin Fisher, who is entering his second season on the starting unit.  Fisher is a relentless worker on the practice field as well as leading our group on a daily basis.  Joining Mackey and Fisher on the starting unit up front are Jr’s Left Guard #65 Alex Edwards, Center #67 Chase Madden and Right Tackle #71 Kurt Schleicher.  All 3 young men have worked hard to earn their starting positions.  

The rest of the OL, or the ”Hawgs” the new nick-name the  group has adopted due to their relentless work ethic and take charge attitude, features a lot of depth and glimpses of future dominance upfront.  Sr. #66 Darius Walker is our jack of all trades playing multiple positions on the line and even lining up in the backfield in jumbo formations.  Fellow Sr’s #56 David Berry and #55 Caleb Flath help provide depth on the line and competition to the starters.  Jr. #70 Dominique Davis provides size and depth at the center position.  The future is bright with the young Hawgs as well with 4 sophomores looking to provide depth this year and compete for starting spots next year.  #50 Seth Roy will see ample playing time this year and is a back-up at numerous positions on the line.  Fellow underclassmen #60 Hunter More, #62 Jake Flath, and #63 George Madden all have a bright future ahead of them, especially Madden who was competing for a starting spot before injuring his knee.

  A tremendous amount of effort is required in order to become a competitive group up front on the offensive line and this group is perfectly suited for such a task. These young men rarely hear their names on the loudspeaker or read them in the paper but they take pride in opening the holes for those that do.  I am proud to call them my players and I hope throughout the season you take the time to watch the hard work they do inside the trenches.  I would also like to thank the fans for creating the best FRIDAY NIGHT atmosphere in the state of Florida and making Lakeland High School truly Nulli Secundus.