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Friday night time stops in Lakeland

Florida Football Tour 2011 Episode 6: Friday Night Football to the roots of passion US


The “Runway to Victory” of Dreadnaughts (Thomas Savoja,
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Nice hat lady!

This Friday night, I decided to taste the joys of High School Football and Florida High School football is serious business. Indeed as I have already indicated in the preceding one article, Florida is the No. 1 in terms of recruitment for the Pro Football. So there is a huge pool of talent and a great rivalry that goes well on a course of studies of heavy quality.


Several options were available to me in the Tampa area with the big cars of the championship that are Plant, Armwood or Jefferson, but I finally opted for Lakewood High admittedly a little off center but because of the geographical distance from the center of the town has a community that is completely one with the football team. It is this passion that I do so choose Lakeland having exchanged opinions on various forums.

Tonight at 19:30 is the first round of regional playoffs class 7A of the FHSA (Florida High School Athletic Association). You do not talk much? Okay, the championship is organized by “County” according to school size and the Lakeland Dreadnaughts are undefeated this season so the modest Bulldogs St Cloud (no no you’re not dreaming I said St Cloud). In fact you do not certainly know what a Dreadnaught? Well me either! Finally I had to make inquiries to discover it was actually a British warship on the type of those who fought at Trafalgar against the French troops. What relationship with Lakewood? The former principal of Lakeland High School was Scottish and he compared the football team with these machines of war that nothing can stop …

The game seems so lopsided on paper, but to be honest I am interested in meeting it’s not really the sporting aspect, but rather how a community comes together behind his team and the atmosphere around the meeting .


This is the second meeting of the year between the two teams since the regular season Lakeland swept St. Cloud 48-14 but Chad Ansbaugh Bulldogs coach sees reason for hope: “We have improved our offensive line and our QB 
is the strategist of the team. He decides tactics with coaches. It is responsible for transmitting the ball to its riders and distill passes to his receivers. Philip Steinmetz is our strength will be better able to express themselves. ” In the first leg he was out through injury as the pressure was intense Lakeland. Lakeland will draw on his side on his RB 
generic term in the global HB and FB Fullback (FB) 
powerful and versatile runner. It acts as a blocker, receiver and bulldozer ball in hand. Is with the Halfback (HB), the running backs (RB).. Senior Taylor Placid but also in defense of its’ front seven, “the best in the state with some Jalen Stevenson a bright academic future.


In short, I leave early my base of Rocky Point (This is where I live in Tampa) to join the community of Lakeland is located about fifty miles. Here in Tampa the “Rush Hour” is the output of offices range from 16h to 19h because of the extent of agglomeration and the lack of public transit but compared to Paris is a joke …


It is already dark when I joined the Bryant Stadium. I have to pay 5 USD to park my car at the rear of the stage and I prepare my equipment by providing a sweater for the cool seems to be back tonight. I have in my pocket valuable sesame Dan Talbot Athletic Director of Lakeland who kindly allowed my presence on the edge of key. I am very afraid of the quality of light as the first stage of youth is not (it dates from 1941). At first glance, it is acceptable.Finally when we used to shoot the Templars or the Hound in Paris, everything is acceptable 😉 The synthetic grass is new and billboards with screen video art and a variety of sponsors: not bad for a school. There is even a “Press Box” on which we recall with pride the two national titles gleaned from LHS in 2005 and 2006.


Preparations are well underway in every corner of the enclosure and I am surprised to find that here as well a large orchestra that substantial team of cheerleaders and a dance squad for the less seasoned. It is almost like in College! The two platforms are already well stocked and Playoff requires the premises took place on one side and the other are the fans of St. Cloud who made the trip in droves.

The entrance on the ground Dreadnaughts alone is worth the trip. A kind of tunnel of orange and black strips was restored in midfield. A cart shaped Caque awaits the release of players. When they ran through the tunnel to emerge on the ground, the car-shaped helmet and start propels an intense white smoke. All to the sound of the band of course. This is called “Runway to Victory.”


Note that to seem to work as expected because the first half is like a butcher. Team Lakeland held his game based on the conservative race and RB Orange and black piercing continuous defense of St. Cloud exceeded. The score is 13-0 at the end of first quarter time. Every TD in my eardrums take a big hit since the barrel and pulls a bell rang hollow sound throughout the stadium.In front of the Bulldogs QB tries what he can but it is too imprecise to find his receivers. At half time, Lakeland 19 leads to nothing and I feel that the game is bent.


I take a look in the stands. Most people are dressed in orange-colored Lakeland. Some are irreducible as a hat mascot Lakeland is to say a massive warship.

Lakeland off again on the same basis in the new score (26-0) and the Naughts will then commit two turnovers that will rank Dawgs to believe that everything is finally possible and instead of spending, the QB of St. Cloud decides now scrambler and tactics resisted because, after paying in the 3rd quarter time, St Cloud score two TD’s QB race to go back to 26-14. The flies have changed a donkey. You can feel the panic seize the Dreadnaught is a young team this season. The Bulldogs are galvanized.

At the beginning of 4th St Cloud score again to go back to 26-21 and then they recover the ball well for a final drive to victory? No. It is all this time too, the last attempt has failed and Lakeland narrowly escapes the corrections. Many players are in tears, St Cloud, certainly Seniors playing their last game here.

A very nice experience this game in Lakeland. To get an idea of ​​what is the High School Football, I recommend a ride on the site of Dreadnaughts: