Dreadnaught BOOSTERS

“Football is a way of Life is an expression often used in many communities with traditional winning football programs.

This statement could have various interpretations such as the discipline, determination, work ethics , dedication and loyalty to others are lessons of football that also apply to success in life along with the character building of the “Thrill of Victory and Agony of Defeat”

In Lakeland Florida it means “ Football is a game where” little boys” take pride in a high school program that brings our school and community National recognition with 6 State Championships and two “National Championships” as selected by Sports Illustrated and USA TODAY.

These “little boys” set their goals early in life to be a “Dreadnaught” and play for the “Coach of the Century”- Bill Castle’

Literally hundreds of these” little boys” have earned college scholarships leading to successful professional careers, others entered the business world and together developed into a Dreadnaught family of successful professionals, community leaders and parents that take pride in expressing the influence of LHS and Football in their LIFE.

Now many of these “little boys” enjoy the experience of their own” little boys” continuing in the Dreadnaught tradition of Bill Castle Football. Some of these” little boys” are now grandparents and take great pride in their generational football history (some are in the 5th generation of LHS Football)

Currently we all take pride in our “little boys” that have evolved into Really Big Boys in the professional football world, – Maurkice Pouncey (Pittsburgh Steelers), Michael Pouncey (Miami Dolphins), Chris Rainey (Pittsburgh Steelers) Ahmad Black (Tampa Bay Bucs) and Ronnie Ghent of the UFL.

Bill Castle and the Dreadnaught tradition continue to inspire” little boys” and Old Men to be proud of their school and community.

The Lakeland Football Century Club (LFCC) is proud to be a part of such an honored football program.

The football century club was founded in 1963 by a group of supporters that wished to enhance the program with assistance not provided by the school or county. The first Booster president was John Caswell, he was followed over the years by 30 of the leading citizens in our community.

Today our Football Century Club has evolved into one of the top Booster programs in the country and continues to provide team meals (with study hall and Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings each Wednesday night), coaching clinics, Charter buses, Football Banquet and other amenities throughout the year.

5 years ago several of our community leaders ( with faith in our future programs) cosigned for our Jumbotron scoreboard that now is” debt free” and the benefits of commercials and advertising by our community businesses will now allow us to provide even more benefits to our football program.

One of the greatest aspects of our program is the Summer FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp) that some of our loyal fans and community sponsors have so generously provided for our team. Now this camp may be sustained by sponsors of our current program “Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow”.

With the new artificial turf installed by the City of Lakeland, the Jumbotron, Battleship & Bell and cheerleaders and Golf Cart Helmet leading the team out of the “Runway to Victory” as our band plays “Anchors Aweigh” with thousands of cheering fans “Friday Night Live” at Bryant Stadium is truly second to none.

The Booster Club meets each Monday night (7:30) of the season in the LHS Film Room located at Nurmi Nelson practice field. We invite everyone to attend another aspect of our program in which we take pride- with updates of school activities, special guest speakers, film reviews and previews of games by Coach Castle.

We realize that our success is due to the loyal support of our fans and the Lakeland Community and are grateful and faithful that the tradition will continue in our 2012 season.

Sid Kimbrell, President
Lakeland Football Century Club